Shri. Pramod N. Manmode

Founder Secretary

Every society needs a person to stand well above the rest to propel its advancement. The Indian state of Maharashtra has found one such magnanimous personality in Mr. Pramod Manmode. A man who is known by his deeds - Pramod Manmode stands apart as a living example. Making the young Indians to come up as winners is the major motto of Mr Manmode.
It is for this reason that he has ushered in strengthening the sagging co-operative movement in Vidarbha. The founding of Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society has helped him to realize the major part of his dreams. Today, the Society has grown with some 64 branches in Maharashtra and 3 branches in Madhya Pradesh,and 1 branch in  Gujrat. It also has a total strength of more than 1,19,466 members (share holders).
Securing an agricultural or animal husbandry loan from any governmental or any other private institutions involve a lot of paper works that a poor farmer have to afford. But, this is not the case with Nirmal Ujjwal. Manmode, seeking a way to curb down this plight, made it easier to grant financial helps to needy farmers to meet their needs.

He also realized the need of the lower and/or middle income group individuals to possess a house of their own. Today, Nirmal Ujjwal also provides their members employees, daily coordinators, and customers to have their own home under Nirmal Nagari Development Project.
By profession, Mr. Pramod Manmode is a successful businessman. He owns and manages Nirmiti Gaurav Pvt Ltd, a construction and real estate firm especially for the LMIG. He brings along with him a lot of experience that eventually scripts the success of Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society.
Since the year 2000 onwards Pramod Manmode has been the Vice President of the Co-operative Cell, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee. His political career has also enabled him to realize the present day requirement of rural India.
Apart from all this, Manmode also possess a keen interest in art and culture. He has been the ex-vice chairman of All India Marathi Drama Academy, Nagpur Branch, and serves as the chairman of Bharatiya Sanskutik Manda, Nagpur.

Board Of Directors


Vamanrao S. Balwatkar

Vice -President

Shri. Satyanjay R. Trivedi


Shri. Pramod N. Manmode


Shri. Vitthalrao M. Gawande


Shri. Pradip G. Raut


Shri.Shivraj V.Gujar


Sau.Savita P Bobde


Rashmi S.Thakre


Shri. Naresh S Lakhotia